Netgear Router Login

Netgear came up with one of the reputed networking appliances throughout the world. It provides user-oriented networking hardware with easily accessible setup. Most of the routers require a default IP address during the login process, but Netgear offers its routers to have a pre-configured default IP address that is The user can directly get connected to the desktop or laptop and just by entering the default IP address, they can get access to the login page. Hence, Netgear made it simple and quick enough to get into the login page just by providing their web address instead of a detailed login process.

What is is a domain name which is used for the login process of the Netgear router. When the user types this address in their favorite web browser, they will automatically be redirected towards the login page. We are here to provide you with the comprehensive guide for Netgear Router login process.

Once you have entered the domain name to complete the login process, you are accessible to enjoy the advanced features of the router like changing the username and password, firmware updates, Guest network, Parental control, Network speed test and many more.

If you are facing any issues regarding the login page, your router is properly set up or installed. There is no need to worry at all, we will explain everything in detail. Let us discuss the Login and set up process first in the below section.

Netgear Genie App Login

Setup & Login Process for Router Login

Before you start the login process, it is required to install the router and make sure that you have configured all the settings appropriately. Let’s talk about the step by step procedure for the router installation. The error-free installation of the device allows to avoid unwanted mistakes and save your time and energy. If you are a first time user then don’t forget to follow the steps as given in the list.

  1. First of all, connect your modem to the WLAN port of the router by utilising an Ethernet cable. Check the cable connections and other attachments to make a proper connection.
  2. Then, turn towards the computer or laptop you are going to connect with the LAN port via another Ethernet cable. Be certain to check the wires that must be in good condition to work smoothly.
  3. You are required to reboot the computer or desktop, router and modem as well to complete the boot-up process.
  4. In the next step, open up any web browser and type in the address bar that will redirect you to the login page.
  5. If you are unable to get into the login page, you can directly type the IP address of the router which is login to reach on the login window.
  1. After this step, you will be prompted to enter the username and password. The default username password is ‘admin’ which is provided to you by the original manufacturer. If you are not a first time user or have changed the password already you need to enter the specific username and password for the same.
  2. Once you completed the login steps, you can go to the Advanced settings, if you wish to know the default IP address of Netgear router.
  3. You can also check whether the firmware has successfully updated on your router or not? If you are using an older version of the firmware update, you must update it to prevent your system from any malware. For this, click on the Router Update> Yes( if it is pending)
  4. You will have to wait for a few minutes to get this done.
  5. It is recommended not to interrupt the system while Firmware is updating. It may cause the router or modem crash issues.

What is the right way to Reset Netgear Router?

If you are having issues or unable to get access into the login page, all you need is to reset the router settings. There may be certain cases for this where you have forgotten the password or need to change the username and password. One of the easiest steps for this is to reset the router to its factory detail. You need to follow some steps which are given below.  

  1. First of all, find out the Reset button on the router, which may be located on the back or bottom of the router. It may also be labelled as Factory Restore Settings. 
  2. Press and hold the Reset button for at least 10 seconds.
  3. After you release the Reset Button, you will notice the LED lights blinking again. When the LED lights will turn into solid green or white (in new models) color, it means you have successfully completed the Reset settings.
Reset Netgear Router

Procedure to Change the Admin Username and Password

It is always recommended to modify the username and password for Netgear Router to avoid unwanted groups of people to get access to the wifi without seeking your permission. Check out these steps required for changing the username and password.

Netgear Router Password Change
  1. Open any web browser on the computer or laptop which is already connected with the Netgear Router and enter the in the Omnibox. 
  2. When you enter the url, the login window will display where you have to fill the default login credentials to get access to the login page. 
  3. Move the cursor towards the Advanced settings page.
  4. Go to the Wireless Settings, you will see a Network Name (SSID) option.
  5. You can change the username and password within a few seconds. Always remember to choose a unique and secure password for security options. 
  6. In the last spet, click on the Apply changes button to save the recent settings.

Things to Consider while Setting Up the Netgear Router

As we all know that Netgear routers are very user-friendly and interactive. But most of the time, even simple things can create issues if you are not paying attention. There are a few things you must keep in mind whenever you are preparing for the installation process.

  1. Ensure that you are not using an updated version of the browser. You can clear the cookies, browsing history or cache memory before moving further.
  2. Check the activity of proxy settings on the network such as VPN. If these settings are active, you must disable them.
  3. For the smooth running of Netgear router, avoid any ads, extensions and firewall settings.
  4. Check the power supply and all the cable connections that must be in good working condition.
  1. You must update the firmware for Netgear routers whenever required to improve the working capacity of the router.
  2. Locate the router in the central location of your home or office and make sure that it is not placed near any electronic gadgets which may interrupt the network speed.
  3. Power cycle all the devices such as Computer, modem, router properly to ensure better connectivity.

Possible Errors You May Encounter Working With Routers login

Having issues with the login page? This section offers great help to you if you are looking for the same. Sometimes, users may face various issues while working with the Netgear routers. It is clear that you have to enter the required IP address which is login to get into the login page. Even so, people are unable to access the login window, there may be a couple of reasons. Here we have described some of the common issues:

  • Occasionally people may mistype the web address which is, due to this they may be redirected to any other window. Be vigilant while typing the URL in the address bar. 
  • Make sure that you have configured all the connections appropriately. The router, modem and the computer must be connected properly before initiating the login process. 
  • The next most common issue is that the web browsers you are using must be updated prior to the login access. 

If you are using window XP or any other latest version of window, you can follow these simple steps to resolve this issue. 


  • Click on the ‘Start button’ and go to the ‘Control panel’
  • Select the ‘ Network Settings’ and move ahead to the ‘Network Connections’.
  • Look for the ‘Wireless Connections’ and right-click it to find the ‘Properties’
  • Choose your Home Network from the drop-down list of available networks.
  • Tick on the ‘Remove button’ and get back to the ‘Network Connections’.
  • Once again, choose your ‘Home Network’ and fill the login credentials. 
  • Click on the ‘Connect button’. 


I hope this process will help to resolve your not connected internet issue.

If you face internet network speed issues, after you have configured the router setting correctly, you can also change the MTU size for the Netgear routers to enhance the speed. Follow these simple steps for changing the MTU size:


  • First of all, access the login window by using
  • Be sure to enter the accurate username and password for Netgear router login. 
  • The default username and password is ‘Admin’, If you have already changed the default settings you can fill the selected username and password. 
  • Once you successfully login into the home page, go to the ‘Wireless Settings’ option. 
  • Select ‘Change the MTU Settings’ and click on the ‘Save Settings’ 
  • After this, go to the cmd window and ping the 1500 command. 
  • Click on the ‘WAN setup option.
  • Select the MTU size you wish to choose for the routers. 
  • Click on the ‘Apply” option.

The users can easily connect the mobile devices to the Netgear routers with the help of Genie app using a QR code. Check out these mentioned-below steps for  connecting your device to the network via QR code:


  • Download the Netgear genie app on your smartphone. 
  • Click on the WiFi options. 
  • Type the Netgear router default username and password whenever required. 
  • The wireless settings displayed along with the QR code at the bottom. 
  • Scan the QR code from your mobile phone to get it connected with the network. 
  • Click on the Join to get it done.

Yes, you can set up independent network passwords for a specific group of people by using the Guest Network feature.